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About Our Company

Cecil Seaman & Co., L.L.C. is a Lexington, Kentucky based consulting firm specializing in heredity and bio-mechanical analysis. President and founder, Cecil Seaman, started the company in 1977 utilizing bio-mechanical measurements he began collecting in 1969. He and son, Jonathan Seaman have personally measured close to 100,000 thoroughbreds resulting in the company's exclusive database.

Supporting Mr. Seaman is a team of highly motivated, skilled thoroughbred industry professionals achieving success through a carefully structured three-step process of gathering, processing and presenting.  Seaman’s quest for excellence begins, of course, with the thoroughbred; analyzing every horse individually by gathering 15 important measurements to perform an assiduous conformation and symmetry analysis.

Armed with this critical information, we then turn to the team’s next area of expertise – data analysis and database management. Seaman’s extensive and unique database helps the team formulate expectations for a horse that are based on its own qualities, as well as qualities of up to 3,000 horses in its immediate family. This is done by looking at a variety of factors critical to the potential racing and breeding success of the thoroughbred.

The final and most important step, is then sharing information with valued clients. Each client is presented with individually fashioned data, catering to his or her special needs. The unique manner of gathering, processing, and presenting information continues to be an essential tools in helping clients achieve success in a challenging business. Moreover, Seaman & Co’s clients gain satisfaction from understanding vital information and using that knowledge gained through the company to make rewarding decisions.

Cecil Seaman